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Where Math Begins

A professor once said about calculus, "This is where the study of mathematics begins." Students who have grown up with math classes might not agree, but it is true: much of what we undestand in our early years had it's beginning in the study of calculus. For example, the areas and volumes of spheres were originally discovered using principles found in integral calculus.

Preparation of College

A priority at CCS is to prepare students for college courses, not the least of which are advanced math, chemistry, biology, and physics -- subjects so crucial in major areas of study. A complete course in pre-calculus concepts is supplied to our students who've successfully scored in all preceding math courses. Necessary subjects such as functions, trigonometry, and analytical geometry are fully covered in preparation of college mathematics. All classes are taught by a qualified teacher.


Basic but important concepts such as areas under a curve first require a comprehensive understanding of functions -- a major division of pre-calculus.

area under a curve

An introductory course in trigonometry is part of the pre-calculus curriculum, so vital for beginning calculus courses.